Welcome Player!

A Bit Before You Start

This CTF event is being hosted by InfoSec, a new White Hat hacker group based on the popular mobile community app Amino.
Right, let's get to it then!

What You'll be Doing

You and other participants will be solving riddles and puzzles to obtain "keys" in the form of binary code and links to other sites in order to find the other keys. There are 6 "keys in total"
After finding the 6 codes, you will have to translate them into text and rearrange the letters into the "flag".
After you think you have the flag, you will have to deliver it to the Founder and Leader of InfoSec on the Amino Community via pm (Private Message).

What's in it for You?

If you manage to deliver the flag to the leader, you will automatically be promoted to "Curator" status on the community, which basically makes you a sheriff on there.
Here's your first clue: "I am somewhere on this site, however, I am too bright. For this you need no hacks, you need simply change the color in the back."
Here's the link to the next site (placeholder until I get on up)

You found me! 01011010

Happy Hunting!